Welcome to Sxm Solar Panel Store.

See our St. Maarten solar power system installations here. We have over 210 Residential and 35 Businesses on SXM with Solar Power now. Hundreds of photos comming to this site soon.

Home systems starting at 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 8kw and 10kw Complete systems not a cheap kit as offered by others, We Don,t offer on-site Massages, or try to sell other junk. We only do Solar Sales and Complete installations. Over 8,500 panels installed and hundreds of real solar installations. Look at the other sxm site and you will see OUR PHOTOS of OUR installations. Call for a free professional USA Certified installation Quotation.

Solar Products,The SXM Solar Panel Store,Caribbean Solar off-grid,we know the products we sell,offering best online prices for Solar Panels,Mounting,Pre-wired systems,Wind Turbines,Charge Controllers,Inverters First Major Solar Panel Stores in the Caribbean. We Installed the Largest Solar Array on St. Maarten. The Westin Dawn Beach Hotel.Providing renewable energy solutions to individuals, businesses, governments and utilities, Making your electricity production from the sun. Comming Soon Dec , 2014. We are getting deliveries of 2 containers of Solar panels Sun Power 327 Watt each. American Made 22 percent efficent. We will sell these out of our Wharehouse in Cole Bay for $ 275.00 Usd each A Quallity grade. Minimum sale of 10 panels.
Hundreds of Our Photos comming very soon.